Aiming to raising up , supporting and developing our local metallic wire manufacture , our company started its activities in 1970 by importing a big quantity of windings round iron and other mineral products from many companies over all the world such as Romania , Hungary , Turkey and Ukraine and then selling it in the local market for industrial  commercial and constructional purposes .


Mr. Abdul Kareem Najjar lay the foundation for an industrial establishment at 1988 which its main interest is to wiredraw coldly the winding round iron and cutting it into pieces for all measurements , lengths and diameters to serve the most possible numbers of companies and establishments which deals with industrial matters with raw material (wires & bars ) which are not available in the local market with high quality and with a competition  price besides accurate measurements and not to speak of the easiness , the speed of demand and delivering which saving  time, burden and the cost of the importation .

Our services cover the companies which deal with (nails , rivets , chains , screws , the mineral meshwork ( with square and rhombus form ) , spiral spring , the meshwork for decoration , the household appliances , barbed wire , welding bars , cages , with all shapes and what is alike in the industrial production world .

In addition to the expansion and development of the local mineral industry and its emancipation over the world, Mr.Abdul-Kareem Najjar's sons expand their construction by increasing the production lines and renewing it by offering several products and with introducing  the line of  smooth and brightening the wires , bars as well  .  They establish  a blast furnace to ferment the iron by specifying the carbon proportion ( average )  in the ferric  to control with its degree of hardness and softness that required for each specific industry. Moreover , they bring up two  complementary lines to produce the iron and steel nail with all standards .Finally Njjars's factory produce the metal meshwork and chains . Since 2000, the total capacity of our factory reached for more than twenty thousand tons a year.As a sign of our success ,  development and expansion of the company , Where they create a complete line of galvanized metal wire to the protector and is the first in the region and has a production capacity of 25 tons per day.

our company imports more than fifty thousand tons of the soft windings round iron within the diameter from 5,5- 6 6,5 mm which are used as raw materials in industry and trade .